About Irene
About Irene

Irene Zutell writes books.

Just published by WaterBrook and soon to be a major motion picture...

A woman's struggle to provide hope for the hopeless.

At the height of success, I faced the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence. Once at the mercy of the legal system, I was in control of nothing.

I lost my business, but I found another calling. I lost my riches, but I discovered riches of the spirit. I lost my faith in the system, but I discovered another faith—a faith in things that never depreciate or corrode or collapse. I found faith in God and the indomitable power of redemption — for myself and for women who’d been catastrophically abused by the system, by spouses, by parents, and by themselves.

Within each of them — even the most terrifyingly brutal felons — dwelled an undeniable spark of the divine. Junkies, grifters, armed robbers, prostitutes, drunks, dealers, and murderers became my new social circle. They were former inmates of the Julia Tutwiler Prison - a monolithic bureaucracy that warehoused the forgotten until they disappeared, returned, or died. Its motto could have been “Abandon hope."

They became the Loveladies. In the beginning, no name would have been more improbable. In time, no name could have been more fitting.

This is their story.

This is my story.

Meet the Loveladies.

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The New York Times Bestseller...

A memoir with a twist...

Who would dare invite mom to chime in with her version of the key events of one's life?

Vanessa Williams does, in this soul-baring tour de force from a performer who seems to re-invent herself at will.

From Miss America to Broadway (Kiss of the Spider Woman) to movies (Eraser) to #1 hit recording artist (Save The Best For Last) to television (Ugly Betty's unforgettable Wilhelmina) and most recently Renee Perry of Desperate Housewives, Vanessa Williams has done it all.

Like any climb to the top, it wasn't easy - and the dueling memories of Vanessa and her amazing mother Helen make a tangy, touching, sometimes eye-popping read.

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A Hollywood tale like no other...


What happens after happily ever after?
Alice Hirsch is about to find out...

Published by St. Martin's Press

Alice, a former New Yorker, struggles to feel at home in the bizarre world of the San Fernando Valley -- all while holding a job and caring for her young daughter and senile mother. When her attorney husband lands a trophy client - box office queen Rose Maris - things begin to look up.

Then Alex starts working late - a lot. He crunches his paunch into a six pack and trades his Gap ensembles for Armani everything.

Soon, Alex and Rose's affair blazes in the tabloids and Alice is plunged into trash-gossip hell. Her life crumbles around her as she navigates her newly single life through suburban L.A. -- a place rife with porn stars, psycho soccer moms and nutty neighbors obsessed with creating a winter wonderland despite the scorching desert heat.

Is there a chance to wrest Alex from the Sexiest Woman Alive? And if so, would Alice want him back? And what about George, her college sweetheart? Or Johnny, a walking charm-bomb paparazzo? As Alice inventories the rubble of her life, she desperately searches for her bearings and is forced to ask herself what she really wants from life, love and herself.

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